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Hood and Gown Information

Convocation Hood & Gown Rental

Your rental fee includes all taxes and is non-refundable. Visa, MasterCard and Debit are accepted for regalia rentals. Advanced regalia reservation pricing:

  • Bachelor/Masters Black Gown & Hood rental - $45
  • PhD rental - $60
  • Black gown only (diplomas & faculty) - $30

Please note: Regalia can be rented on site on convocation day. Prices are as follows:

  • Black Gown & Hood - $55
  • PhD rental - $70
  • Black gown only (diplomas & faculty) - $40

Gowns are available for pickup in the small gymnasium in the PAC starting at 8am on convocation day. For the morning ceremony, please pick up your gown by 9am on convocation day. For the afternoon ceremony, please pick up your gown between 11:00 am & 1:30pm on convocation day. For the evening ceremony, please pick up your gown between 4:30-5:30pm on convocation day.

Renison College Graduates.

Please note:

You may pick up your gown in the morning on convocation day. It will be available at the PAC, small gym any time after 8am.

Replacement of lost regalia:

Costs for regalia not returned are as follows:

  • $150--Bachelor's/Master's gown
  • $1000--PhD cap, hood and gown
  • Degree hood replacement costs can be found under purchasing your degree hood

Renting Gowns, Hoods & PhD Regalia at times other than Convocation

In addition to Convocation rental, the Waterloo Store rents hoods and gowns at other times of year, for use in graduation photos, etc. The table below summarizes the costs, and required deposit, for students and photographers borrowing convocation regalia. Your rental fee will be deducted from your deposit at time of return, and any balance remaining will be refunded to you.

Please note: All of our regalia is reserved for our graduates and faculty during the months of June and October, for convocation. Rentals may not be available at this time.

Item Required Deposit**

Non-Refundable Rental Fee
(add applicable taxes)

Academic Hood $25.00 $15.00
Black Gown $50.00 $40.00
PhD (Cap, Hood, Gown) $150.00 1-4 day: $75.00
**deposit is forfeited after 4 days and replacement costs apply if items are not returned.

Replacement costs:
Hoods: Please see price list below.
Black gown: $100.00
PhD regalia: $1000.00

Other information:

  • Rented regalia can not be mailed to you.
  • We do not rent mortarboards as they are not part of Waterloo’s regalia.

Purchasing Your Degree Hood

As a keepsake of your academic achievement, you may purchase your degree hood immediately following the Convocation ceremony, or throughout the year by visiting the Waterloo Store. If you do not wish to purchase your hood, please return it with your gown on Convocation day by 5pm to avoid late return charges.

Degree Hood Purchase Prices:(subject to postage charges)

  • All bachelors hoods $45 plus postage.
  • New! Bachelor of Computing and Financial Management $50 plus postage.
  • All masters hoods $65 plus postage.
  • Doctor of Optometry $95 plus postage.
  • PhD $95 plus postage.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Postage Charges:

To ship a convocation hood within Ontario $7.00. All other destinations, please call the Waterloo Store for a quote; toll-free 1-800-529-7091 or locally (519) 888-4910

To order a degree hood, call us toll-free 1-800-529-7091 or locally at (519) 888-4910 or send us an e-mail.

Purchasing PhD Regalia

Visit the Harcourt's website for PhD regalia purchasing information. If you have questions about the University of Waterloo regalia, please contact the Waterloo Store at (519) 888-4910, or send us an e-mail.

If you're looking for other Convocation information, please visit

Prices subject to change without notice